Members of the IKL provide essential support with their commitment to the yearly program. Members can decide if they would like to support in a practical way by joining a working group, which means participating in the organization of an upcoming project, and by giving feedback to the artistic director. The membership partakes an important role for the financial support of the Kunstverein. The most important offer of the IKL is the opportunity to discuss about relevant art positions without having to be an expert in art. The start of the IKL program takes place in public space with media critical projects.

In autumn 2016 we will start with Paolo Cirio’s Street Ghosts. In the long run we are looking for a location to settle the IKL in the centre of Luxembourg. The aim is to make three positions of international art visible to the public accompanied by several events and art mediation.


  • Free admission to exhibitions of the IKL and to 300 other art societies affiliated with the ADKV (German art society association) 
  • Personal invitations to all openings and events for each IKL exhibition 
  • 20% discount on all IKL publications 
  • The opportunity to buy limited-edition works (Jahresgaben), offered exclusively to IKL members 
  • Invitations to special members-only events such as trips to places of interest on the international art scene, visits to studios, discussions with artists, and other special exhibition tours and occasions 
  • Use of the IKL’s reference library


To our members we offer regularly trips to the art world (artists’ studios, exhibitions, art fairs, biennials) and special art mediation in Luxembourg. The aim is to bring you into direct contact with artists, curators, collectors and gallery owners. Events and excursions may require additional payments in order to cover costs.


Memberships are valid from January 1–December 31. Memberships may be cancelled at the end of the year of membership. If the membership is not cancelled at this time it will be automatically renewed for another year. The current year is to be paid in full.

Postal Address
21 A, avenue Gaston Diderich
L-1420 Luxembourg